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How the Bubbles Get Made


Do you like to fabricate your own fizz? Bolster your bubbles? Control your carbonation?

If so, you probably own a SodaStream.  The off-the-charts success of the $1.5 billion company has made its headquarters in Rahat, a predominantly Bedouin city in the Southern District of Israel, popular enough to merit a factory tour. People come for the behind-the-scenes insights into these sparkling sorcerers but stay for the story of a company that thrives on diversity and multi-culturalism by bringing together a mosaic- like work force representing the wide range of Israeli society including Palestinians, Bedouins, and Israeli Arabs.

Using Acoustiguide’s group guiding equipment, visitors don’t miss a word, even when the din of the velociraptor-esque machines threatens to overwhelm the soundscape.

SodaStream joins other Acoustiguide corporate clients, such as Perrier, Mitsubishi and Subaru in harnessing the power of audio to forge an emotional connection with consumers and build brand awareness.