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Checking in with Acoustiguide Berlin


Here is a quick Spring-update of what’s been happening in our region:

Spring has started for us just as busy as the last season has ended. We now have 400 devices at beautiful Sanssouci Palace in Potsdamthe highlight of one of the most beautiful castle complexes in Europe!

Sanssouci – meaning “without a care in the world” – was also our key objective for this new project: We wanted to make the audioguide experience as enjoyable for the staff on site as for the visitors. That’s why we came up with a new programming of our system to make handing-out the audioguide even more hassle-free. With the final awakening of spring, our Opus devices are ready for the influx of visitors!

The beginning of March has seen us roaming the world’s leading travel trade show which takes place every year here in Berlin, the ITB. One of the key findings? “For more and more people, culture plays an important role when choosing holiday destinations.” It was our pleasure to share our app-expertise with tourism offices and cultural institutions alike and discuss the advantages of BYOD vs offering smart devices to visitors! This is the kind of question Acoustiguide loves to address—we have so much first-hand experience with both, and are always happy to discuss the pros and cons.

Which made us reminisce about our biggest, bi-annual museum tradeshow. Exponatec took place end of last year and presented the newest trends in the museum technology market. As usual, we loved seeing how museum professionals navigate through the opportunities afforded by new technologies while at the same time keeping their visitors’ needs as their central concern.

Much of the interest focused on—unsurprisingly—Virtual and Augmented Reality and Indoor Navigation but people were equally keen to learn about the longevity and maintenance of new applications. What’s clear is that implementing new technologies for the sake of technology itself is not the way to go forward.

Next up we are looking forward to the Focus conference in Brandenburg, 25-27 April, where the big topic will be “Change Management in Museums”. We are excited to share our findings afterward here on the blog again!