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Acoustiguide, Bath and Beyond…


Our relationship with the Bath and Northeast Somerset Council continues to flourish including continuing projects with The Roman Baths, The Fashion Museum and the Victoria Art Gallery over the past 12 months.  We are happy to announce the launch of the new audio tour for the ‘Royal Women’ exhibition at the Fashion Museum and the ‘Entertainment in Bath’ exhibition at the Victoria and Art Gallery.

Chloe and Sandra, our superb Creative Team, put together our new tours on the Opus+ series; for the Victoria Art Gallery, the exhibition ‘Entertainment in Bath’, highlighting performers and events in the city since itsGeorgian heyday through to its Victorian past and more recently Bath Festival and infamous pop concerts.  The exhibition, which runs from January 13 to March 14, will touch upon some of the less obvious ‘entertainments’ in the city, covering the full spectrum of morality, from gambling and prostitution to attendance at fashionable chapels.  Portraits by Gainsborough, Bath’s best painter at the time, and works by the Georgian comic artist Thomas Rowlandson feature in the exhibition, alongside important loans from the National Portrait Gallery and the Royal Collection, lent by Her Majesty The Queen.

This is not all that is borrowed from the Royal Family for Bath.  We were very happy to have the opportunity to provide a tour for the Fashion Museum, where the Royal Women exhibition, which opened on 3 February 2018 and will run until 28 April 2019, highlights how the women in the monarchy, from Queen Alexandra to Princess Margaret, chose a unique style and dress reflecting their sartorial lives as well as the roles they played within the monarchy.  Their choice of dress was (and still is) a considered approach and a message to their public.  The Acoustiguide tour will allow visitors to engage in the story of the dress; the details within their design, their journey from designer to the dignitary, to event.  Also, coinciding with the interest sparked by the NETFLIX ‘The Crown’ series, where Princess Margaret leads the way in setting memorable fashionable trends, which is also explored in the exhibition.

 FMuse_Queen Alexandra.jpg

The Royal Women exhibition has come at an interesting time; the 100th anniversary of Votes for Women (in the UK) and Kate Phelan of Vogue UK’s selection of Dress of the Year 2017 is the T-shirt by Christian Dior stating ‘We should all be Feminists’.  

The Royal Women audio tour consists of 10 new commentaries on selected dresses and ensembles worn by the women themselves, scripted by our regular Fashion Museum Writer, Kate and narrated by Radio 3 and BBC 4 presenter Suzy Klein.  The commentaries are available in 12 different languages.

Red-Sack back dress.jpg

The Roman Baths continues to exceed in providing an outstanding visitor experience, already this year being recipients of the 2018 - South West Tourism Excellence Awards "International Visitor Experience", Gold Award, the 2018 - South West Tourism Excellence Awards "Access and Inclusivity", Gold Award and the 2018 - South West Tourism Excellence Awards "Venue and Business Tourism", Bronze Award.  We are happy to be a part of the team at Bath.