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Happy New Jewish Year from Acoustiguide.... so much to look forward to!

“Rosh Hashanah” is the Jewish New Year, and according to Jewish tradition, it is the birthday of mankind and the time everything is written in the Book of Life.

As the current Jewish year is coming to its end and the new one is right at our doorstep, it is a great opportunity for us in the Israeli Head Office of Acoustiguide, to take this festive and short holiday break to look at what has been accomplished this past year, and what our goals and aspirations are for the coming year.

It is thrilling to realize we have so many new clients with us this year: diversified and from all around the globe. Welcome, UNESCO world heritage site of Nijo Castle in Kyoto who will soon be welcoming its millions of visitors with Acoustiguide players and content in Japanese, Korean, French, English and Spanish…..; welcome, the Kyoto National Museum, offering Acoustiguide’s players with hundreds of stops in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English. Welcome the unforgettable September 11 Memorial & Museum, just launched a 2ndAcoustiguide app, “Explore 9/11”, following the “9/11 Museum Audio Guide” launched recently, and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights just opened in Winnipeg this September, starting next week to offer an Acoustiguide App; Welcome, the Hospitaller Fortress (Knights’ Halls) in Old Acre, another UNESCO designated World Heritage Site, opening this autumn a spectacular service with Acoustiguide players triggered automatically and synchronizing to films, around kilometers of crusader-era, 900-year-old stone halls….; Welcome Yad Vashem: the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem and one of Trip Advisor’s latest reviewers’ top-10 popular museums in the world today……. Thank you, all, for your vote of confidence in Acoustiguide’s technologies, creative content and services! Coming soon is the Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN, officially opening in October with Acoustiguide’s technologies and multilingual content, and more fabulous sites which cannot be stated by name just yet. It is a great honor to be at your service, and we regard it as a huge responsibility.

We would like to invite you to stay tuned with our day-to-day news, as well as to write to us, too. Follow us on our website and blog, and make your influence! Get involved! We would be grateful for having your comments and your thoughts which will surely reflect on the projects we are in the process of carrying out these very days.

New channels to follow us through are our new showcase pages on LinkedIn: Mobile & Apps, Creative Content and Group Guiding where we are posting relevant stories and hope it will become a platform to be holding discussions with you on. We hope to see you there :)

Dear friends, launching numerous new projects with new mobile technologies make us all very excited. Along with the honor and responsibility, we feel blessed and looking forward to the future, with great expectations and enthusiasm to do great things for our clients.

Happy new Jewish year, all. Shanah Tova!
From Israel Gal and the Israeli HQ team