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A Celebration of Fall and Poetry

Autumn in New York means the waning of sunlight and the return of cold breezes, but it also offers the wonders of fall foliage.

The New York Botanical Garden celebrates the seasonal arrival of chrysanthemums with their annual exhibition, Kiku: The Art of the Japanese Garden. To enhance the experience, Acoustiguide collaborated with the NYBG staff on the Poetry Walk, featuring poet Chase Twichell. 
Twichell knows all too well the difficulties of writing. She shared a favorite haiku written by Mitsu Suzuki:

Leaves of speech—

unable to put words in order

I stamp through fallen leaves

Hear Twichell discuss the haiku-- a bonus, if you will, because it didn't make it into the tour...

You can listen to the whole tour here.
Poem courtesy of Rodmell Press, from the book A White Tea Bowl. Image courtesy of The New York Botanical Garden.