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Acoustiguide UK Gets "Hired" on "The Apprentice"

Acoustiguide UK was thrilled and excited to see one of our long-standing clients, The Canterbury Tales in Kent, featured on an episode ('Coach Tours') of the BBC One’s ‘The Apprentice’ last week.

What’s more, the show featured a group listening to our marvellous tour! It’s available free (with the price of a ticket) on our exSite audio guiding equipment.

For those of you who don’t know, the show is a popular programme televised in many countries across the world.The tag line, "You're Fired!" has sent a chill down many a contestant's spine. We’re halfway through this season of the British version.

You can check out the episode here and learn more about the Canterbury Tales experience here.

We won’t share a picture of the moment itself (we don’t want the BBC after us!) but here's a photograph of visitors using ExSite in another location.

 for blog 11 bbc.jpg


Let us know if you happened to see it...and who you think will win the season!